Lacquer-Coat Acrylic Engraveable Tags : Engraving

Acrylic Tag Name Engraving

Engraving Services
The acrylic material is ideal for personalizing the tags. It is made specifically for engraving with a core color that contrasts with the surface color. To take advantage of the optimum quantity pricing, it is recommended that you order more tags than your initial need. The extra imprinted tags can be held at for engraving at a later date. This avoids paying the higher per piece rate for hot-stamping smaller quantities later. Lists of names can be submitted in typewritten form or on a computer file. Rack numbers can also be engraved along with the names.

Tag Prices Do Not
Include Engraving

Example of standard size and style:

(This is a simulation of the actual engraving style, not an exact duplication)