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Regal Economy Styrene Tags : Colors

Styrene Tag Colors

Color Choices
The colors to the right are the available hot-stamp foil colors for imprinting on the economy styrene tags. The styrene tags are all white plastic, and these colors can be used for the imprinting of lettering and designs, and also for overlaying background colors (see explanation under "Regal-Coat background colors").
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Regal-Coat Background Colors
AN EXPLANATION...The basic tags are white plastic, but with the unique "REGAL-COAT" overlaying process many different color options are available. The colors are imprinted in a rich, textured finish and can be used on one, or both sides of the tag (the two sides can even be different colors).
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Background Colors
For background colors other than white, a "per side" overlay charge is added to the base price. With the economical basic tag prices, this addition still allows for a very economical total.

background colors:
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